Friday, February 10, 2017

Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise Performance Testing


My colleague Eric Regnier has done some great work on CRM Performance Testing and would like to share what he shared with me….

For SQL Server indexing and tuning:

  1. Query Tuning:
  2. Understanding and resolving Microsoft SQL Server blocking:
  3. Optimizing Microsoft SQL Server Performance:
  4. SQL Server Clustered Indexing Best Practices:
  5. Improving SQL Server Performance:

CRM SDK call. i.e. when you do Data Migration jobs. Some of those might or might not increase perf:

  1. Leverage ExecuteTransactionRequest as much as possible for dependent records otherwise use ExecuteMultipleRequest
  2. Generate GUIDs of parent records within console instead letting CRM generate the GUIDs. This way will allow the script to create parent and child records in one transaction and reduce the complexity to O(n).
  3. Increase multiple request batch size to 2000 instead of 800. Requires PowerShell Should be put back to 1000 afterwards.
  4. Split console by entities. One Console per entity. I was able to achieve over 500000 per hour in a previous project with that way.
  5. Set the regarding field of the email once all emails were created in the system. 1st create emails then 2nd update Regarding
  6. Turn off database replication during DM


  1. Run the CRM Diag tool: <CRMUrl>/tools/diagnostics/diag.aspx

Web Server(s):

1. Only single Async CRM Server is running. Should be able to increase performance by having multiple async servers.

2. Enable the EnableRetrieveMultipleOptimization registry key

3. WCF Compression enabled

4. CRM SSL enabled

5. IIS Dynamic Compression is enabled

6. IIS system.web\caching\outputCaching omitVaryStar setting enabled (

7. AsyncOperationBase is truncated/cleared?

8. Anti-virus excludes CRM or disabled

9. F5 load balancer compression enabled


  1. Review Parental and Cascade All entity relationships settings for entities.
  2. Review the usage of Sharing. In custom workflow activities and plugins.
  3. Sharing with previous owner system setting off
  4. Disable workflow job retention logs from processes and plugins. This will help reduce the asyncoperation table.
  5. Review Business Rule scope configuration that are set to Entity. These will trigger at platform level.
  6. Review CRM traces and all frontend and backend servers:
    1. Sandbox logs and server level logs. Recommendation: Set at Errors only.
  7. Purge and review log configuration:
    1. Custom log entities and custom logs (e.g. NLog)
    2. Custom staging entities
    3. asyncoperation table
  8. Review audit settings. Only required entities and fields.
  9. Review Find Columns of Quick Find Views. Recommendation: max 10 fields per entities
  10. Review plugins on Retrieve if applicable
  11. Review form load performance with CRM Performance Center (CTRL+Shift+Q). Recommendation
    1. Tabs collapsed by default will increase load time
    2. No BPF. BPF take a lot of time to load
    3. Use subgrid when necessary and leverage associated grids in navigation instead.

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Top down vs bottom up

Reading the MSDN Magazine and saw one of this diagram, thinking if which one do we normally apply for CRM and if there is a chance to merge the 2 for a CRM project?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Top 5 CRM Products?

Is this still valid and fair review?

Really interested to know which company is Onyx and Siebel? Any feedback?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

ISO- Country List with Chinese Name

Often need to produce/ create a Country lookup list in MSCRM for different clients and I can never remember where I saved my last Country list xml file.  So normally I just search online and generate a new list each time.  This is one of the latest output I have done, from ISO – 3166 (, total 249 countries as of 1st August 2015. I have added the Chinese Name to the list for a demo purpose, hope it helps someone else for similar needs. Also, I can re-use the same list next time by just searching on my own blog.  **Please note, the Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Simplified) translation was done using a web tool, accuracy has not been verified. If you spotted any error, leave me a comment. (Download the Excel here)

English short name French short name Alpha-2 code Alpha-3 code Numeric Nationality Chinese (Traditional) Name Chinese (Simplified) Name Capital City Continent Source Date
Andorra Andorre (l') AD AND 20 Andorran Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Top of Form
Bottom of Form

Andorra la Vella EU 01-08-15
United Arab Emirates (the) Émirats arabes unis (les) AE ARE 784 Emirian / Emirati 阿拉伯聯合酋長國 阿拉伯联合酋长国 Abu Dhabi AS 01-08-15
Afghanistan Afghanistan (l') AF AFG 4 Afghani / Afghan 阿富汗 阿富汗 Kabul AS 01-08-15
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua-et-Barbuda AG ATG 28 Antiguan 安提瓜和巴布達 安提瓜和巴布达 St. John's NA 01-08-15
Anguilla Anguilla AI AIA 660 Anguillan 安圭拉 安圭拉 The Valley NA 01-08-15
Albania Albanie (l') AL ALB 8 Albanian / Alabanian 阿爾巴尼亞 阿尔巴尼亚 Tirana EU 01-08-15
Armenia Arménie (l') AM ARM 51 Armenian / Hayastani 亞美尼亞 亚美尼亚 Yerevan AS 01-08-15
Angola Angola (l') AO AGO 24 Angolan 安哥拉 安哥拉 Luanda AF 01-08-15
Antarctica Antarctique (l') AQ ATA 10 Antarctic 南極洲 南极洲 AN 01-08-15
Argentina Argentine (l') AR ARG 32 Argentine / Argentinian 阿根廷 阿根廷 Buenos Aires SA 01-08-15
American Samoa Samoa américaines (les) AS ASM 16 Samoan 美屬薩摩亞 美属萨摩亚 Pago Pago OC 01-08-15
Austria Autriche (l') AT AUT 40 Austrian 奧地利 奥地利 Vienna EU 01-08-15
Australia Australie (l') AU AUS 36 Australian 澳大利亞 澳大利亚 Canberra OC 01-08-15
Aruba Aruba AW ABW 533 Arubian 阿魯巴 阿鲁巴 Oranjestad NA 01-08-15
Åland Islands Åland(les Îles) AX ALA 248 Ålandic / Ålandish 奧蘭群島 奥兰群岛 Mariehamn EU 01-08-15
Azerbaijan Azerbaïdjan (l') AZ AZE 31 Azerbaijani 阿塞拜疆 阿塞拜疆 Baku AS 01-08-15
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnie-Herzégovine (la) BA BIH 70 Bosnian / Herzegovinian 波斯尼亞和黑塞哥維那 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那 Sarajevo EU 01-08-15
Barbados Barbade (la) BB BRB 52 Barbadian / Barbadan 巴巴多斯 巴巴多斯 Bridgetown NA 01-08-15
Bangladesh Bangladesh (le) BD BGD 50 Bangladeshi 孟加拉國 孟加拉国 Dhaka AS 01-08-15
Belgium Belgique (la) BE BEL 56 Belgian 比利時 比利时 Brussels EU 01-08-15
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso (le) BF BFA 854 Burkinabe 布基納法索 布基纳法索 Ouagadougou AF 01-08-15
Bulgaria Bulgarie (la) BG BGR 100 Bulgarian 保加利亞 保加利亚 Sofia EU 01-08-15
Bahrain Bahreïn BH BHR 48 Bahrainian 巴林 巴林 Manama AS 01-08-15
Burundi Burundi (le) BI BDI 108 Burundian 布隆迪 布隆迪 Bujumbura AF 01-08-15
Benin Bénin (le) BJ BEN 204 Beninese 貝寧 贝宁 Porto-Novo AF 01-08-15
Saint Barthélemy Saint-Barthélemy BL BLM 652 Barthélemois 聖巴泰勒米 圣巴泰勒米 Gustavia NA 01-08-15
Bermuda Bermudes (les) BM BMU 60 Bermudan 百慕大 百慕大 Hamilton NA 01-08-15
Brunei Darussalam Brunéi Darussalam (le) BN BRN 96 Bruneian 文萊達魯薩蘭國 文莱达鲁萨兰国 Bandar Seri Begawan AS 01-08-15
Bolivia (Plurinational State of) Bolivie (État plurinational de) BO BOL 68 Bolivian 玻利維亞 玻利维亚 Sucre SA 01-08-15
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Bonaire, Saint-Eustache et Saba BQ BES 535 荷蘭加勒比區 荷兰加勒比区 NA 01-08-15
Brazil Brésil (le) BR BRA 76 Brazilian 巴西 巴西 Brasilia SA 01-08-15
Bahamas (the) Bahamas (les) BS BHS 44 Bahameese / Bahamian 巴哈馬 巴哈马 Nassau NA 01-08-15
Bhutan Bhoutan (le) BT BTN 64 Bhutanese 不丹 不丹 Thimphu AS 01-08-15
Bouvet Island Bouvet (l'Île) BV BVT 74 布維島 布维岛 AN 01-08-15
Botswana Botswana (le) BW BWA 72 Motswana / Batswana 博茨瓦納 博茨瓦纳 Gaborone AF 01-08-15
Belarus Bélarus (le) BY BLR 112 Belarusian 白俄羅斯 白俄罗斯 Minsk EU 01-08-15
Belize Belize (le) BZ BLZ 84 Belizean 伯利茲 伯利兹 Belmopan NA 01-08-15
Canada Canada (le) CA CAN 124 Canadian 加拿大 加拿大 Ottawa NA 01-08-15
Cocos (Keeling) Islands (the) Cocos (les Îles)/ Keeling (les Îles) CC CCK 166 Cocossian / Cocos Islandia 科科斯群島 科科斯群岛 West Island AS 01-08-15
Congo (the Democratic Republic of the) Congo (la République démocratique du) CD COD 180 Congolese 剛果民主共和國 刚果民主共和国 Kinshasa AF 01-08-15
Central African Republic (the) République centrafricaine (la) CF CAF 140 Central African 中非共和國 中非共和国 Bangui AF 01-08-15
Congo (the) Congo (le) CG COG 178 Congolese 剛果 刚果 Brazzaville AF 01-08-15
Switzerland Suisse (la) CH CHE 756 Swiss 瑞士 瑞士 Berne EU 01-08-15
Côte d'Ivoire Côte d'Ivoire (la) CI CIV 384 Ivorian 科特迪瓦 科特迪瓦 Yamoussoukro AF 01-08-15
Cook Islands (the) Cook (les Îles) CK COK 184 Cook Islander 庫克群島 库克群岛 Avarua OC 01-08-15
Chile Chili (le) CL CHL 152 Chilean 智利 智利 Santiago SA 01-08-15
Cameroon Cameroun (le) CM CMR 120 Cameroonian 喀麥隆 喀麦隆 Yaounde AF 01-08-15
China Chine (la) CN CHN 156 Chinese 中國 中国 Beijing AS 01-08-15
Colombia Colombie (la) CO COL 170 Colombian / Columbian 哥倫比亞 哥伦比亚 Bogota SA 01-08-15
Costa Rica Costa Rica (le) CR CRI 188 Costa Rican 哥斯達黎加 哥斯达黎加 San Jose NA 01-08-15
Cuba Cuba CU CUB 192 Cuban 古巴 古巴 Havana NA 01-08-15
Cabo Verde Cabo Verde CV CPV 132 Cape Verdean 佛得角 佛得角 Praia AF 01-08-15
Curaçao Curaçao CW CUW 531 Curaçaoan 庫拉索 库拉索 Willemstad NA 01-08-15
Christmas Island Christmas (l'Île) CX CXR 162 Christmas Islander 聖誕島 圣诞岛 Flying Fish Cove AS 01-08-15
Cyprus Chypre CY CYP 196 Cypriot 塞浦路斯 塞浦路斯 Nicosia EU 01-08-15
Czech Republic (the) tchèque (la République) CZ CZE 203 Czech 捷克共和國 捷克共和国 Prague EU 01-08-15
Germany Allemagne (l') DE DEU 276 German 德國 德国 Berlin EU 01-08-15
Djibouti Djibouti DJ DJI 262 Djiboutian / Djibouti 吉布提 吉布提 Djibouti AF 01-08-15
Denmark Danemark (le) DK DNK 208 Danish / Dane 丹麥 丹麦 Copenhagen EU 01-08-15
Dominica Dominique (la) DM DMA 212 Dominican 多米尼加 多米尼加 Roseau NA 01-08-15
Dominican Republic (the) dominicaine (la République) DO DOM 214 Dominican 多明尼加共和國 多明尼加共和国 Santo Domingo NA 01-08-15
Algeria Algérie (l') DZ DZA 12 Algerian 阿爾及利亞 阿尔及利亚 Algiers AF 01-08-15
Ecuador Équateur (l') EC ECU 218 Ecuadorean / Ecudorean 厄瓜多爾 厄瓜多尔 Quito SA 01-08-15
Estonia Estonie (l') EE EST 233 Estonian 愛沙尼亞 爱沙尼亚 Tallinn EU 01-08-15
Egypt Égypte (l') EG EGY 818 Egyptian 埃及 埃及 Cairo AF 01-08-15
Western Sahara* Sahara occidental (le)* EH ESH 732 Western Saharan / Sahrawi 西撒哈拉 西撒哈拉 El-Aaiun AF 01-08-15
Eritrea Érythrée (l') ER ERI 232 Eritrean 厄立特里亞 厄立特里亚 Asmara AF 01-08-15
Spain Espagne (l') ES ESP 724 Spanish 西班牙 西班牙 Madrid EU 01-08-15
Ethiopia Éthiopie (l') ET ETH 231 Ethiopian 埃塞俄比亞 埃塞俄比亚 Addis Ababa AF 01-08-15
Finland Finlande (la) FI FIN 246 Finnish 芬蘭 芬兰 Helsinki EU 01-08-15
Fiji Fidji (les) FJ FJI 242 Fijian Suva OC 01-08-15
Falkland Islands (the) [Malvinas] Falkland (les Îles)/Malouines (les Îles) FK FLK 238 Falkland Islander 福克蘭群島 福克兰群岛 Stanley SA 01-08-15
Micronesia (Federated States of) Micronésie (États fédérés de) FM FSM 583 Micronesian 密克羅尼西亞聯邦 密克罗尼西亚联邦 Palikir OC 01-08-15
Faroe Islands (the) Féroé (les Îles) FO FRO 234 Faroese 法羅群島 法罗群岛 Torshavn EU 01-08-15
France France (la) FR FRA 250 French 法國 法国 Paris EU 01-08-15
Gabon Gabon (le) GA GAB 266 Gabonese 加蓬 加蓬 Libreville AF 01-08-15
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the) Royaume-Uni de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande du Nord (le) GB GBR 826 British 英國 英国 London EU 01-08-15
Grenada Grenade (la) GD GRD 308 Grenadian 格林納達 格林纳达 St. George's NA 01-08-15
Georgia Géorgie (la) GE GEO 268 Georgian 格魯吉亞 格鲁吉亚 Tbilisi AS 01-08-15
French Guiana Guyane française (la ) GF GUF 254 French Guianese 法屬圭亞那 法属圭亚那 Cayenne SA 01-08-15
Guernsey Guernesey GG GGY 831 根西島 根西岛 St Peter Port EU 01-08-15
Ghana Ghana (le) GH GHA 288 Ghanaian / Ghanian 加納 加纳 Accra AF 01-08-15
Gibraltar Gibraltar GI GIB 292 Gibralterian 直布羅陀 直布罗陀 Gibraltar EU 01-08-15
Greenland Groenland (le) GL GRL 304 Greenlander / Greenlandic 格陵蘭 格陵兰 Nuuk NA 01-08-15
Gambia (the) Gambie (la) GM GMB 270 Gambian 岡比亞 冈比亚 Banjul AF 01-08-15
Guinea Guinée (la) GN GIN 324 Guinean 幾內亞 几内亚 Conakry AF 01-08-15
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe (la) GP GLP 312 Guadeloupean 瓜德羅普島 瓜德罗普岛 Basse-Terre NA 01-08-15
Equatorial Guinea Guinée équatoriale (la) GQ GNQ 226 Equatorial Guinean / Equatoguinean 赤道幾內亞 赤道几内亚 Malabo AF 01-08-15
Greece Grèce (la) GR GRC 300 Greek 希臘 希腊 Athens EU 01-08-15
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Géorgie du Sud-et-les Îles Sandwich du Sud (la) GS SGS 239 南喬治亞島和南桑威奇群島 南乔治亚岛和南桑威奇群岛 Grytviken AN 01-08-15
Guatemala Guatemala (le) GT GTM 320 Guatemalan 危地馬拉 危地马拉 Guatemala City NA 01-08-15
Guam Guam GU GUM 316 Guamanian 關島 关岛 Hagatna OC 01-08-15
Guinea-Bissau Guinée-Bissau (la) GW GNB 624 Guinean 幾內亞比紹 几内亚比绍 Bissau AF 01-08-15
Guyana Guyana (le) GY GUY 328 Guyanese 圭亞那 圭亚那 Georgetown SA 01-08-15
Hong Kong Hong Kong HK HKG 344 Chinese/ Hongkee 香港 香港 Hong Kong AS 01-08-15
Heard Island and McDonald Islands Heard-et-Îles MacDonald (l'Île) HM HMD 334 赫德和麥克唐納群島 赫德和麦克唐纳群岛 AN 01-08-15
Honduras Honduras (le) HN HND 340 Honduran 洪都拉斯 洪都拉斯 Tegucigalpa NA 01-08-15
Croatia Croatie (la) HR HRV 191 Croatian / Croat 克羅地亞 克罗地亚 Zagreb EU 01-08-15
Haiti Haïti HT HTI 332 Haitian 海地 海地 Port-au-Prince NA 01-08-15
Hungary Hongrie (la) HU HUN 348 Hungarian 匈牙利 匈牙利 Budapest EU 01-08-15
Indonesia Indonésie (l') ID IDN 360 Indonesian 印尼 印尼 Jakarta AS 01-08-15
Ireland Irlande (l') IE IRL 372 Irish 愛爾蘭 爱尔兰 Dublin EU 01-08-15
Israel Israël IL ISR 376 Israeli 以色列 以色列 Jerusalem AS 01-08-15
Isle of Man Île de Man IM IMN 833 Manx 馬恩島 马恩岛 Douglas, Isle of Man EU 01-08-15
India Inde (l') IN IND 356 Indian 印度 印度 New Delhi AS 01-08-15
British Indian Ocean Territory (the) Indien (le Territoire britannique de l'océan) IO IOT 86 英屬印度洋領地 英属印度洋领地 Diego Garcia AS 01-08-15
Iraq Iraq (l') IQ IRQ 368 Iraqi 伊拉克 伊拉克 Baghdad AS 01-08-15
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (République Islamique d') IR IRN 364 Iranian 伊朗 伊朗 Tehran AS 01-08-15
Iceland Islande (l') IS ISL 352 Icelander 冰島 冰岛 Reykjavik EU 01-08-15
Italy Italie (l') IT ITA 380 Italian 意大利 意大利 Rome EU 01-08-15
Jersey Jersey JE JEY 832 澤西島 泽西岛 Saint Helier EU 01-08-15
Jamaica Jamaïque (la) JM JAM 388 Jamaican 牙買加 牙买加 Kingston NA 01-08-15
Jordan Jordanie (la) JO JOR 400 Jordanian 約旦 约旦 Amman AS 01-08-15
Japan Japon (le) JP JPN 392 Japanese 日本 日本 Tokyo AS 01-08-15
Kenya Kenya (le) KE KEN 404 Kenyan 肯尼亞 肯尼亚 Nairobi AF 01-08-15
Kyrgyzstan Kirghizistan (le) KG KGZ 417 Kyrgyzstani Bishkek AS 01-08-15
Cambodia Cambodge (le) KH KHM 116 Cambodian 柬埔寨 柬埔寨 Phnom Penh AS 01-08-15
Kiribati Kiribati KI KIR 296 I-Kiribati 基里巴斯 基里巴斯 Tarawa OC 01-08-15
Comoros (the) Comores (les) KM COM 174 Comoran 科摩羅 科摩罗 Moroni AF 01-08-15
Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis KN KNA 659 Kittian / Nevisian 聖基茨和尼維斯 圣基茨和尼维斯 Basseterre NA 01-08-15
Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of) Corée (la République populaire démocratique de) KP PRK 408 North Korean 北朝鮮 北朝鲜 Pyongyang AS 01-08-15
Korea (the Republic of) Corée (la République de) KR KOR 410 South Korean 韓國 韩国 Seoul AS 01-08-15
Kuwait Koweït (le) KW KWT 414 Kuwaiti 科威特 科威特 Kuwait City AS 01-08-15
Cayman Islands (the) Caïmans (les Îles) KY CYM 136 Caymanian 開曼群島 开曼群岛 George Town NA 01-08-15
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan (le) KZ KAZ 398 Kazakhstani / Kazakh 哈薩克斯坦 哈萨克斯坦 Astana AS 01-08-15
Lao People's Democratic Republic (the) Lao, République démocratique populaire LA LAO 418 Laotian 老撾人民民主共和國 老挝人民民主共和国 Vientiane AS 01-08-15
Lebanon Liban (le) LB LBN 422 Lebanese 黎巴嫩 黎巴嫩 Beirut AS 01-08-15
Saint Lucia Sainte-Lucie LC LCA 662 Saint Lucian 聖盧西亞 圣卢西亚 Castries NA 01-08-15
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein (le) LI LIE 438 Liechtensteiner 列支敦士登 列支敦士登 Vaduz EU 01-08-15
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka LK LKA 144 Sri Lankan 斯里蘭卡 斯里兰卡 Colombo AS 01-08-15
Liberia Libéria (le) LR LBR 430 Liberian 利比里亞 利比里亚 Monrovia AF 01-08-15
Lesotho Lesotho (le) LS LSO 426 Mosotho / Basotho 萊索托 莱索托 Maseru AF 01-08-15
Lithuania Lituanie (la) LT LTU 440 Lithunian 立陶宛 立陶宛 Vilnius EU 01-08-15
Luxembourg Luxembourg (le) LU LUX 442 Luxembourger 盧森堡 卢森堡 Luxembourg EU 01-08-15
Latvia Lettonie (la) LV LVA 428 Latvian 拉脫維亞 拉脱维亚 Riga EU 01-08-15
Libya Libye (la) LY LBY 434 Libyan 利比亞 利比亚 Tripolis AF 01-08-15
Morocco Maroc (le) MA MAR 504 Moroccan 摩洛哥 摩洛哥 Rabat AF 01-08-15
Monaco Monaco MC MCO 492 Monacan 摩納哥 摩纳哥 Monaco EU 01-08-15
Moldova (the Republic of) Moldova , République de MD MDA 498 Moldovan 摩爾多瓦 摩尔多瓦 Chisinau EU 01-08-15
Montenegro Monténégro (le) ME MNE 499 Montenegrin 黑山共和國 黑山共和国 Podgorica EU 01-08-15
Saint Martin (French part) Saint-Martin (partie française) MF MAF 663 聖馬丁(法國) 圣马丁(法国) Marigot NA 01-08-15
Madagascar Madagascar MG MDG 450 Malagasy 馬達加斯加 马达加斯加 Antananarivo AF 01-08-15
Marshall Islands (the) Marshall (Îles) MH MHL 584 Marshallese 馬紹爾群島 马绍尔群岛 Majuro OC 01-08-15
Macedonia (the former Yugoslav Republic of) Macédoine (l'ex‑République yougoslave de) MK MKD 807 Macedonian 馬其頓 马其顿 Skopje EU 01-08-15
Mali Mali (le) ML MLI 466 Malian 馬里 马里 Bamako AF 01-08-15
Myanmar Myanmar (le) MM MMR 104 Myanmarese / Burmese 緬甸 缅甸 Nay Pyi Taw AS 01-08-15
Mongolia Mongolie (la) MN MNG 496 Mongolian 蒙古 蒙古 Ulan Bator AS 01-08-15
Macao Macao MO MAC 446 Macanese 澳門 澳门 Macao AS 01-08-15
Northern Mariana Islands (the) Mariannes du Nord (les Îles) MP MNP 580 Northern Mariana Islander 北馬里亞納群島 北马里亚纳群岛 Saipan OC 01-08-15
Martinique Martinique (la) MQ MTQ 474 Martinican / Martiniquaís 馬提尼克 马提尼克 Fort-de-France NA 01-08-15
Mauritania Mauritanie (la) MR MRT 478 Mauritanian 毛里塔尼亞 毛里塔尼亚 Nouakchott AF 01-08-15
Montserrat Montserrat MS MSR 500 Montserratian 蒙特塞拉特 蒙特塞拉特 Plymouth NA 01-08-15
Malta Malte MT MLT 470 Maltese 馬耳他 马耳他 Valletta EU 01-08-15
Mauritius Maurice MU MUS 480 Mauritian 毛里求斯 毛里求斯 Port Louis AF 01-08-15
Maldives Maldives (les) MV MDV 462 Maldivan 馬爾代夫 马尔代夫 Male AS 01-08-15
Malawi Malawi (le) MW MWI 454 Malawian 馬拉維 马拉维 Lilongwe AF 01-08-15
Mexico Mexique (le) MX MEX 484 Mexican 墨西哥 墨西哥 Mexico City NA 01-08-15
Malaysia Malaisie (la) MY MYS 458 Malaysian 馬來西亞 马来西亚 Kuala Lumpur AS 01-08-15
Mozambique Mozambique (le) MZ MOZ 508 Mozambican 莫桑比克 莫桑比克 Maputo AF 01-08-15
Namibia Namibie (la) NA NAM 516 Namibian 納米比亞 纳米比亚 Windhoek AF 01-08-15
New Caledonia Nouvelle-Calédonie (la) NC NCL 540 New Caledonian / New Caledonians 新喀裡多尼亞 新喀里多尼亚 Noumea OC 01-08-15
Niger (the) Niger (le) NE NER 562 Nigerien 尼日爾 尼日尔 Niamey AF 01-08-15
Norfolk Island Norfolk (l'Île) NF NFK 574 Norfolk Islander 諾福克島 诺福克岛 Kingston OC 01-08-15
Nigeria Nigéria (le) NG NGA 566 Nigerian 尼日利亞 尼日利亚 Abuja AF 01-08-15
Nicaragua Nicaragua (le) NI NIC 558 Nicaraguan / Nicoya 尼加拉瓜 尼加拉瓜 Managua NA 01-08-15
Netherlands (the) Pays-Bas (les) NL NLD 528 Dutch 荷蘭人 荷兰人 Amsterdam EU 01-08-15
Norway Norvège (la) NO NOR 578 Norwegian 挪威 挪威 Oslo EU 01-08-15
Nepal Népal (le) NP NPL 524 Nepalese 尼泊爾 尼泊尔 Kathmandu AS 01-08-15
Nauru Nauru NR NRU 520 Nauruan 瑙魯 瑙鲁 Yaren OC 01-08-15
Niue Niue NU NIU 570 Niuean 紐埃 纽埃 Alofi OC 01-08-15
New Zealand Nouvelle-Zélande (la) NZ NZL 554 New Zealander 新西蘭 新西兰 Wellington OC 01-08-15
Oman Oman OM OMN 512 Omani 阿曼 阿曼 Muscat AS 01-08-15
Panama Panama (le) PA PAN 591 Panamanian 巴拿馬 巴拿马 Panama City NA 01-08-15
Peru Pérou (le) PE PER 604 Peruvian 秘魯 秘鲁 Lima SA 01-08-15
French Polynesia Polynésie française (la) PF PYF 258 French Polynesian 法屬波利尼西亞 法属波利尼西亚 Papeete OC 01-08-15
Papua New Guinea Papouasie-Nouvelle-Guinée (la) PG PNG 598 Papua New Guinean 巴布亞新幾內亞 巴布亚新几内亚 Port Moresby OC 01-08-15
Philippines (the) Philippines (les) PH PHL 608 Filipino 菲律賓 菲律宾 Manila AS 01-08-15
Pakistan Pakistan (le) PK PAK 586 Pakistani 巴基斯坦 巴基斯坦 Islamabad AS 01-08-15
Poland Pologne (la) PL POL 616 Polish / Pole 波蘭 波兰 Warsaw EU 01-08-15
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon PM SPM 666 Saint-Pierrais / Miquelonnais 聖皮埃爾和密克隆 圣皮埃尔和密克隆 Saint-Pierre NA 01-08-15
Pitcairn Pitcairn PN PCN 612 Pitcairn Islander 皮特凱恩 皮特凯恩 Adamstown OC 01-08-15
Puerto Rico Porto Rico PR PRI 630 Puerto Rican 波多黎各 波多黎各 San Juan NA 01-08-15
Palestine, State of Palestine, État de PS PSE 275 Palestinian 巴勒斯坦的國家 巴勒斯坦的国家 East Jerusalem AS 01-08-15
Portugal Portugal (le) PT PRT 620 Portuguese / Portugese 葡萄牙 葡萄牙 Lisbon EU 01-08-15
Palau Palaos (les) PW PLW 585 Palauan 帕勞 帕劳 Melekeok OC 01-08-15
Paraguay Paraguay (le) PY PRY 600 Paraguayan 巴拉圭 巴拉圭 Asuncion SA 01-08-15
Qatar Qatar (le) QA QAT 634 Qatari 卡塔爾 卡塔尔 Doha AS 01-08-15
Réunion Réunion (La) RE REU 638 留尼旺 留尼旺 Saint-Denis AF 01-08-15
Romania Roumanie (la) RO ROU 642 Romanian 羅馬尼亞 罗马尼亚 Bucharest EU 01-08-15
Serbia Serbie (la) RS SRB 688 Serbian / Serb 塞爾維亞 塞尔维亚 Belgrade EU 01-08-15
Russian Federation (the) Russie (la Fédération de) RU RUS 643 Russian 俄羅斯聯邦 俄罗斯联邦 Moscow EU 01-08-15
Rwanda Rwanda (le) RW RWA 646 Rwandan / Rwandese 盧旺達 卢旺达 Kigali AF 01-08-15
Saudi Arabia Arabie saoudite (l') SA SAU 682 Saudi Arabian / Saudi 沙特阿拉伯 沙特阿拉伯 Riyadh AS 01-08-15
Solomon Islands Salomon (Îles) SB SLB 90 Solomon Islander 所羅門群島 所罗门群岛 Honiara OC 01-08-15
Seychelles Seychelles (les) SC SYC 690 Seychellois 塞舌爾 塞舌尔 Victoria AF 01-08-15
Sudan (the) Soudan (le) SD SDN 729 Sudanese 蘇丹 苏丹 Khartoum AF 01-08-15
Sweden Suède (la) SE SWE 752 Swedish / Swede 瑞典 瑞典 Stockholm EU 01-08-15
Singapore Singapour SG SGP 702 Singaporean 新加坡 新加坡 Singapur AS 01-08-15
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha Sainte-Hélène, Ascension et Tristan da Cunha SH SHN 654 Saint Helenian 聖赫勒拿 圣赫勒拿 Jamestown AF 01-08-15
Slovenia Slovénie (la) SI SVN 705 Slovenian / Slovene 斯洛文尼亞 斯洛文尼亚 Ljubljana EU 01-08-15
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Svalbard et l'Île Jan Mayen (le) SJ SJM 744 斯瓦爾巴群島和揚馬​​延島 斯瓦尔巴群岛和扬马延岛 Longyearbyen EU 01-08-15
Slovakia Slovaquie (la) SK SVK 703 Slovakian / Slovak 斯洛伐克 斯洛伐克 Bratislava EU 01-08-15
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone (la) SL SLE 694 Sierra Leonean 塞拉利昂 塞拉利昂 Freetown AF 01-08-15
San Marino Saint-Marin SM SMR 674 Sanmarinese / Sammarinese 聖馬力諾 圣马力诺 San Marino EU 01-08-15
Senegal Sénégal (le) SN SEN 686 Senegalese 塞內加爾 塞内加尔 Dakar AF 01-08-15
Somalia Somalie (la) SO SOM 706 Somali 索馬里 索马里 Mogadishu AF 01-08-15
Suriname Suriname (le) SR SUR 740 Surinamer / Surinamese 蘇里南 苏里南 Paramaribo SA 01-08-15
South Sudan Soudan du Sud (le) SS SSD 728 Sudanese 南蘇丹 南苏丹 Juba AF 01-08-15
Sao Tome and Principe Sao Tomé-et-Principe ST STP 678 São Tomean / Sao Tomean 聖多美和普林西比 圣多美和普林西比 Sao Tome AF 01-08-15
El Salvador El Salvador SV SLV 222 Salvadorean / Salvadoran 薩爾瓦多 萨尔瓦多 San Salvador NA 01-08-15
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) Saint-Martin (partie néerlandaise) SX SXM 534 聖馬丁島(荷蘭的一部分) 圣马丁岛(荷兰的一部分) Philipsburg NA 01-08-15
Syrian Arab Republic République arabe syrienne (la) SY SYR 760 Syrian 敘利亞 叙利亚 Damascus AS 01-08-15
Swaziland Swaziland (le) SZ SWZ 748 Swazi 斯威士蘭 斯威士兰 Mbabane AF 01-08-15
Turks and Caicos Islands (the) Turks-et-Caïcos (les Îles) TC TCA 796 Turks and Caicos Islander 特克斯和凱科斯群島 特克斯和凯科斯群岛 Cockburn Town NA 01-08-15
Chad Tchad (le) TD TCD 148 Chadian 乍得 乍得 N'Djamena AF 01-08-15
French Southern Territories (the) Terres australes françaises (les) TF ATF 260 法國南部領土 法国南部领土 Port-aux-Francais AN 01-08-15
Togo Togo (le) TG TGO 768 Togolese 多哥 多哥 Lome AF 01-08-15
Thailand Thaïlande (la) TH THA 764 Thai 泰國 泰国 Bangkok AS 01-08-15
Tajikistan Tadjikistan (le) TJ TJK 762 Tajikistani 塔吉克斯坦 塔吉克斯坦 Dushanbe AS 01-08-15
Tokelau Tokelau (les) TK TKL 772 Tokelauan 托克勞 托克劳 OC 01-08-15
Timor-Leste Timor-Leste (le) TL TLS 626 Timorese 東帝汶 东帝汶 Dili OC 01-08-15
Turkmenistan Turkménistan (le) TM TKM 795 Turkmen 土庫曼斯坦 土库曼斯坦 Ashgabat AS 01-08-15
Tunisia Tunisie (la) TN TUN 788 Tunisian 突尼斯 突尼斯 Tunis AF 01-08-15
Tonga Tonga (les) TO TON 776 Tongan 湯加 汤加 Nuku'alofa OC 01-08-15
Turkey Turquie (la) TR TUR 792 Turkish / Turk 火雞 火鸡 Ankara AS 01-08-15
Trinidad and Tobago Trinité-et-Tobago (la) TT TTO 780 Trinidadian / Tobagonian 特立尼達和多巴哥 特立尼达和多巴哥 Port of Spain NA 01-08-15
Tuvalu Tuvalu (les) TV TUV 798 Tuvaluan 圖瓦盧 图瓦卢 Funafuti OC 01-08-15
Taiwan (Province of China) Taïwan (Province de Chine) TW TWN 158 Taiwanese 台灣 台湾 Taipei AS 01-08-15
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzanie, République-Unie de TZ TZA 834 Tanzanian 坦桑尼亞 坦桑尼亚 Dodoma AF 01-08-15
Ukraine Ukraine (l') UA UKR 804 Ukrainian 烏克蘭 乌克兰 Kiev EU 01-08-15
Uganda Ouganda (l') UG UGA 800 Ugandan 烏干達 乌干达 Kampala AF 01-08-15
United States Minor Outlying Islands (the) Îles mineures éloignées des États-Unis (les) UM UMI 581 美國本土外小島嶼 美国本土外小岛屿 OC 01-08-15
United States of America (the) États-Unis d'Amérique (les) US USA 840 American 美國 美国 Washington NA 01-08-15
Uruguay Uruguay (l') UY URY 858 Uruguayan 烏拉圭 乌拉圭 Montevideo SA 01-08-15
Uzbekistan Ouzbékistan (l') UZ UZB 860 Uzbekistani 烏茲別克斯坦 乌兹别克斯坦 Tashkent AS 01-08-15
Holy See (the) Saint-Siège (le) VA VAT 336 梵帝岡 梵帝冈 Vatican City EU 01-08-15
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Saint-Vincent-et-les Grenadines VC VCT 670 Saint Vincentian / Vincentian 聖文森特和格林納丁斯 圣文森特和格林纳丁斯 Kingstown NA 01-08-15
Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Venezuela (République bolivarienne du) VE VEN 862 Venezuelan 委內瑞拉 委内瑞拉 Caracas SA 01-08-15
Virgin Islands (British) Vierges britanniques (les Îles) VG VGB 92 Virgin Islander 維爾京群島(英國) 维尔京群岛(英国) Road Town NA 01-08-15
Virgin Islands (U.S.) Vierges des États-Unis (les Îles) VI VIR 850 Virgin Islander 維爾京群島(美國) 维尔京群岛(美国) Charlotte Amalie NA 01-08-15
Viet Nam Viet Nam (le) VN VNM 704 Vietnamese 越南 越南 Hanoi AS 01-08-15
Vanuatu Vanuatu (le) VU VUT 548 Ni-Vanuatu 瓦努阿圖 瓦努阿图 Port Vila OC 01-08-15
Wallis and Futuna Wallis-et-Futuna WF WLF 876 Wallisian / Futunan 瓦利斯和富圖納群島 瓦利斯和富图纳群岛 Mata Utu OC 01-08-15
Samoa Samoa (le) WS WSM 882 Samoan 薩摩亞 萨摩亚 Apia OC 01-08-15
Yemen Yémen (le) YE YEM 887 Yemeni / Yemenese 也門 也门 Sanaa AS 01-08-15
Mayotte Mayotte YT MYT 175 Mahoran 馬約特 马约特 Mamoudzou AF 01-08-15
South Africa Afrique du Sud (l') ZA ZAF 710 South African 南非 南非 Pretoria AF 01-08-15
Zambia Zambie (la) ZM ZMB 894 Zambian 贊比亞 赞比亚 Lusaka AF 01-08-15
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe (le) ZW ZWE 716 Zimbabwean 津巴布韋
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Harare AF 01-08-15