Monday, March 15, 2010

CRM4 User Summary Report black background overtook entire report

Last week, I did a new CRM installation. After the installation and adding users, I usually run the User Summary Report just to double check if I got all users correctly setup with the appropriate security roles. When I ran the User Summary Report, I can only see a report with black background. I decided to export the report to excel and was hoping to work-around this viewing problem, the excel report showed up nicely. Digged around different forums and found it to be a known issue with IE8. If your environment is SSRS2008 being used with IE8 the user summary report is generated with a black background. However if you use IE7 or SSRS2005 then the issue does not occur. Since it is an known issue, we can expect a hotfix for IE 8 very soon. For the time being, use export to excel as a work-around.