Monday, February 20, 2012

Free AD tool to facilitate creation of test CRM environment


When a new CRM project is initiated, one of the most frequent task involved is to setup a dev and/or test environment, either for upgrade, extend or a new deployment.  Setting up a proper test environment, sometimes involves re-creation of AD user objects, so we can restore existing CRM database to perform testing with it in the dev or test environment. I have been using this little free tool (AD manager plus) to help with the bulk creation of AD users without using any script file. 

Hope it help you too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unable to connect to CRMOnline from Developer Toolkit


Today, I have been working with the CRM2011 Developer Toolkit on a new machine and getting problems to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.  When using “” port 443 and https to connect, I am getting “There is an error in XML Document(5, 5)”.  Found this issue related to LiveDevice.xml cache on the local machine, deleted the file from c:\Users\{your user name}\LiveDeviceID\ resolved the connectivity issue! Smile