Friday, November 19, 2010

CRM2011 New Terms Learnt Today

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online Beta has been out for a little while and I have applied an account for myself. So I have been playing around with the new features. And today I have learnt a few new CRM2011 terms and features.

1) Dynamic Marketing List: we can now save the selection query for a Marketing List and not required to evaluate the marketing list for next run. This is one of the most frequent asked "why"s in my 7 years consultancy life. Finally I can have 1 less "yeah, I agree with you. Now let's change the topic" moments. :)

2) Sticky view vs default view: CRM2011 allows user to set their own default view per entity. However during nevigation, CRM (or the browser) will save your last view in the cache (this is called sticky view) and use sticky view over default view when cached sticky view is found.

3) Tab has been removed from record forms! So far, I found this to be an annoying change as I think tab makes the form prettier. Otherwise, enjoying the rest.